Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Article 5

Yesterday, both NVC approvals were sent to China.  I am now awaiting Article 5, which should take about 2 weeks.

Then Travel Approval (TA).  It's hard to believe that I have actually made it to this point, given all the complications encounter along the way.

Monday, January 7, 2013

^^^The Wait is OVER^^^

Ming's I-800 was in mailbox today and processed on January 3rd, as the Hague officer stated.  She was a blessing and a God send.

CCAI also sent me an e-mail today that my DS-230 applications were mailed.  I'm finally onto the next step which is quite confusing to me.  The Article 5 process.

I pray that the rest of the process will go smoothly and I will soon see the faces of my beautiful children waiting for me Xinjiang.

Still Waiting!

I have been able to get through all this, believing it GOD's perfect timing that will bring my children to me.  I am still  waiting for one I-800, Ming's.  Kanani's arrived shortly after the Hague officer contacted me on December 28th, due to a mix up with some of the paperwork.  She was extremely  pleasant and nice, corrected the errors and told me I should receive the I-800 shortly. Well, within a couple of days Kanani's I-800 was received.

I called her this past Friday to inquire about Ming's.  His paperwork is still sitting there due to the original mix up. She reassured me it was nothing I had done and the mistake is entirely on their end.  She, also, stated she would see to it that everything was corrected and that I would receive Ming's I-800 this week.

I have no reason to doubt her and all the belief in God, that all will happen within his perfect timing.