Monday, December 10, 2012

I800a for Kanani

The past several weeks have been hard for all of us affected by Hurricane Sandy. During the storm I decided to get my mail before it blew away. In the mailbox sopping wet was an envolope from USCIS. Excitement took over and I rushed into the house to open it only to discover that the application with supporting documents were being sent to the NBC. OH NO, what does this mean........another delay.

I waited until the week before Thanksgiving to call the NBC, to be told my case wasn't assigned an officer and it could take up to 90 days to process Kanani's I800a. They told me to call back in two weeks.

I called back again, to be told the same thing. I prepared myself to call that NBC office every two weeks if needed until I had some answers.

Well, another call isn't necessary. My agency received Kanani's I800a today and the I800's for both my children were filed. I have been informed it should be about 10 -14 weeks for travel to China.