Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Month Anniversery

Well, we arrived home one month ago on March 29th.  Kanani started her first day of school, Ming started school on April 19th.  Ming loves school, Kanani said she doesn't have any (pengyou's) friends in school. I asked her in the kids talked to her, she stated, "yes", so I reassured that they are her (pengyou's).  She walked off with a smile, I guess she understands, she does have friends.

Ming First Day of School

Ming & Kanani

Ping & Ming
Ping, Kanani, Ming

Sunday, March 10, 2013

GOD LED, I FOLLOWED to a Gotcha Day and a Forever Family Day to Re member

Pingping and I will arrive in Beijing on March 14th, exactly 2 years from the date that I first reviewed Ming's file.  His file was the only file I viewed, once I laid eyes on him I knew he was my son.  His file was with another agency at that time.  I immediately contacted CCAI and asked them if they would work with me.  I assured them, I wasn't nuts and really wanted to adopt this child.  They reassured me, that they didn't think I was nuts and completely understood how I felt. They watched and checked the shared list until his name appeared.  May 10th, was that magical day.

Several months later, my dear friend, sent me an e-mail stating that Ming was on a yahoo group.  This particular group advocates for children to get adopted. I was quite surprised, considering I had PA for him. I joined the group, checked the photo section and there he was.  I really like this group and found it very informative, so I decided to maintain my membership.

Yahoo group updates sends out e-mails showing updates for all the groups you subscribe to. Normally I delete these e-mails but on April 16, 2012, I decided to review the updates.  There was a photo on the advocate yahoo group, of a beautiful little girl with pigtails and in a blue sweater.  I thought, why hasn't she been adopted?!  I clicked on her photo and read all the comments, her file had been with a couple of agencies, one agency even had her file twice and she still wasn't adopted.  I fell in LOVE with her and my quest to adopt two at once began.

March 18th, will for my family will be a day we will all forever remember.   Kanani and Ming will be getting a forever family and Pingping and I will celebrate our 10th FOREVER FAMILY DAY.  It is exactly 10 years that I adopted my little animated personality daughter, Pingping.

                            Pingping's first dinner - March 18, 2003

Friday, March 1, 2013

Confirmed Travel Dates

Travel dates were confirmed on February 28th,  we will be leaving on the March 13 and must be in Beijing on the 14th.  Our consulate appointment is scheduled for March 26th.  

I was really hoping to visit with Pingping's foster family before going to Xinjiang but this would have delayed everything.  Working on my itinerary isn't easy, I wanted to pit-stop in Changsha before heading home.  This would be a very special time for Pingping and her foster family.  Pingping would be reunited with the family that loved and cared for her ten years ago.  

Unfortunately the trip to Changsha will not be possible. Finances aren't going to permit it and I am unable to coordinate the flights.  I have to consider Ming and Kanani as well, this may not be the right time for them to endure any side trips.  

I'm praying all goes well as we have a connecting flight in Beijing and only  an hour and a half to get to it.   

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Travel Approval

It's finally HERE!.  Travel approval has arrived today.  We anticipate a March 13-15 travel, just waiting for CA, consulate appointment, to confirm.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When will my TA arrive?!

My agency e-mailed me on Friday anticipating TA's on Monday.  I was given two options, March 6th travel if TA had come today and March 13th, if TA should come in on 2/26.   Last night at 5:28 pm, my agency sent the e-mail that travel approvals did not arrive, however,  March 13th travel is still a possibility and the new possible date is March 20th.

If I travel March 13th, could I possibly have a March 18th gotcha day?  I would LOVE a March 18th gotcha day, it would make this day EXTRA SPECIAL. It is on this day back in 2003, I would have my little bundle of joy come into my arms at the Xiang Jiang Hotel in Changsha.  Pingping and I will celebrate our 10th Forever Family Day, and it would truly be serendipitous to have the same Gotcha Day for Ming and Kanani.

 Pingping's Forever Family Day, March 18, 2003
Ten years later to the day, two newly adopted children, one family.  God is amazing!!!