Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Travel Approval

It's finally HERE!.  Travel approval has arrived today.  We anticipate a March 13-15 travel, just waiting for CA, consulate appointment, to confirm.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When will my TA arrive?!

My agency e-mailed me on Friday anticipating TA's on Monday.  I was given two options, March 6th travel if TA had come today and March 13th, if TA should come in on 2/26.   Last night at 5:28 pm, my agency sent the e-mail that travel approvals did not arrive, however,  March 13th travel is still a possibility and the new possible date is March 20th.

If I travel March 13th, could I possibly have a March 18th gotcha day?  I would LOVE a March 18th gotcha day, it would make this day EXTRA SPECIAL. It is on this day back in 2003, I would have my little bundle of joy come into my arms at the Xiang Jiang Hotel in Changsha.  Pingping and I will celebrate our 10th Forever Family Day, and it would truly be serendipitous to have the same Gotcha Day for Ming and Kanani.

 Pingping's Forever Family Day, March 18, 2003
Ten years later to the day, two newly adopted children, one family.  God is amazing!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Finding Nemo??

Nemo found us, Blizzard Nemo that is. We've have about 4 inches of snow already and we haven't seen the full impact yet.

It's quite scary, I hear trees breaking all around us, my pine trees are losing branches at an alarming rate. I'm ok with that as long as none fall on the house. Power, well hopefully that stays on although the lights have been flickering on and off, I'm so afraid we could lost power overnight. 

I don't look forward to seeing what Nemo has left for us in the morning. High winds and unknown inches of snow is not what I am looking forward to on a Saturday morning, shoveling it is a whole other story.  I must say, the snow is absolutely beautiful. 

I shouldn't complain, as there are still people that haven't had power or heat since Super Storm Sandy. This is a double whammy for them and certainly the last thing they need.  I pray for them and I know the Lord is watching over them tonight and every night.

Article 5 Pick up.

I thought tonight was as good a night as any to catch up on my blog. 

This week brought us exciting news, my Article 5's were picked up on the 6th. It won't be long now for travel approval (TA), I hope.  I know we will be delayed a bit since China will close down for Chinese New Year.

I am hoping to travel in March.  What would really be amazing is if  the adoption day were March 18th.  Pingping was adopted on March 18th, 10 years ago. Time flies, too fast. 

Ming turned 12 on Feb 1st.  My dear son spent another birthday in China without his family.  Happy Birthday, my darling son!!  We will be there as soon as we can for you and Kanani, hang in there, your mom and sister are coming.