Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Month Anniversery

Well, we arrived home one month ago on March 29th.  Kanani started her first day of school, Ming started school on April 19th.  Ming loves school, Kanani said she doesn't have any (pengyou's) friends in school. I asked her in the kids talked to her, she stated, "yes", so I reassured that they are her (pengyou's).  She walked off with a smile, I guess she understands, she does have friends.

Ming First Day of School

Ming & Kanani

Ping & Ming
Ping, Kanani, Ming


  1. Julie...please email me as I would love to find out how your new daughter kanani is doing. My husband and I saw her when her file was with BAAS and saw her skiing pictures and her video of her rollerblading. We have 4 lady bugs from China and two are from Huainan where Expecting Something Big From God adopted one of her four girls and we have connected on our Huainan group. I have prayed for your daughter since I first laid eyes on her, wishing I could bring her home, but knowing God had another plan. We have a daughter her age and it would not have worked. We adopted a five year old June 2012, but I knew she was still waiting. I recently inquired on BAAS and someone told me about your blog because she thought she had come home. So, so happy. I'd love to see pictures and find out how she is doing home. I had faith that she would find the perfect mom. We have a Ting Ting, so I love your Ping Ping and Ming.
    God is good. Thank you for taking the road less traveled. You are awesome. Beth.....Kerrywacomeshome.blogspot.com

    a brief blog only to document travel...no time now. I am a nurse and have six kiddos; 4 adopted and 2 bio. Busy, but always thinking about those left behind.

  2. ohh my email ...flandersfamily7@gmail.com