Sunday, March 10, 2013

GOD LED, I FOLLOWED to a Gotcha Day and a Forever Family Day to Re member

Pingping and I will arrive in Beijing on March 14th, exactly 2 years from the date that I first reviewed Ming's file.  His file was the only file I viewed, once I laid eyes on him I knew he was my son.  His file was with another agency at that time.  I immediately contacted CCAI and asked them if they would work with me.  I assured them, I wasn't nuts and really wanted to adopt this child.  They reassured me, that they didn't think I was nuts and completely understood how I felt. They watched and checked the shared list until his name appeared.  May 10th, was that magical day.

Several months later, my dear friend, sent me an e-mail stating that Ming was on a yahoo group.  This particular group advocates for children to get adopted. I was quite surprised, considering I had PA for him. I joined the group, checked the photo section and there he was.  I really like this group and found it very informative, so I decided to maintain my membership.

Yahoo group updates sends out e-mails showing updates for all the groups you subscribe to. Normally I delete these e-mails but on April 16, 2012, I decided to review the updates.  There was a photo on the advocate yahoo group, of a beautiful little girl with pigtails and in a blue sweater.  I thought, why hasn't she been adopted?!  I clicked on her photo and read all the comments, her file had been with a couple of agencies, one agency even had her file twice and she still wasn't adopted.  I fell in LOVE with her and my quest to adopt two at once began.

March 18th, will for my family will be a day we will all forever remember.   Kanani and Ming will be getting a forever family and Pingping and I will celebrate our 10th FOREVER FAMILY DAY.  It is exactly 10 years that I adopted my little animated personality daughter, Pingping.

                            Pingping's first dinner - March 18, 2003

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  1. Julie,

    I found your blog and have been checking it daily. I, too, loved your newest daughter the first time I saw her. I am so hoping that things are going well. I can't wait for you to post and update how things are going.